Mad Man with a Box

Everything about the morning had been normal and average. She had woken up to the smell of bacon (vegan) sizzling, Kurt already up and cooking the both of them breakfast. After she ate she got ready for work, her mundane job as a waitress. Honestly it wasn’t at all what she envisioned to be doing in the city after two years of living here, but for right now it paid the bills and made sure that she was contributing to the monthly rent. It was not easy to live by themselves, especially in a nice sized apartment in Brunswick, but they managed. After she bid her friend adieu  she made her way into the already busy street, walking the ten blocks to her little job. It was a normal diner, one that was open all hours of the day. She took the mid-morning to afternoon shift, which wasn’t too bad except for around lunchtime when everyone seemed to want to frequent the place. She really couldn’t blame them; for being greasy, the food was good.

During her lunchtime she took off her apron and the terrible cliché little headpiece, ready for her hour break. “I’m going,” she called out to the others, getting mumbled responses. Normally she didn’t eat during her breaks, just walked around, getting to know the city. After almost a year at this job, she knew the area pretty well, but the people were a different story. It was amazing how many people could be jammed into one city but that was New York for you. With a cup of coffee in hand, she glanced around, her eyes landing on a face. Not just any face, but a familiar face. An impossibly familiar face, one she hadn’t seen in at least two years. Squinting her eyes - maybe the caffeine was affecting her vision - she tried to focus. It couldn’t be… She didn’t think twice as she made her way through the throngs of people, not stopping until she was close enough to the man that she hadn’t seen in so long. “Finn?”

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